The Backpack You Need This Summer

The Backpack You Need This Summer

Enjoy summer like never before with our beach backpacks! Go ahead!

Once again,  Play and Store beach backpacks want to be part of your endless summer.


With a large size where all the toys fit, the Play and Store backpacks are the perfect complement for our little ones. What makes them unique is their grid at the bottom. In this way, the accumulation of sand and the formation of mold are prevented thanks to the continuous circulation of air.


Like all our products, it is made of highly resistant and non-toxic materials that are easy to handle. It is one size only, although the length of its handles is adjustable in order to adapt to the size or height of the user. Inside the backpack there is a label to be able to add information such as name, address or contact telephone numbers.


Measurement: 28.5 cm. x 35cm. Suitable for the washing machine at 30ºC. It can be ironed by hand.

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